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Italian Farmers Market

Italian Farmers Market

The Mission

Italy is a land rich in food typical products, taste and treasures.
For small and medium farmers it is often difficult to have the strength to face the difficulties of selling their products abroad, that’s why we created a network supporting them with our skills and expertise.
We help Italian Farmers along all the supply chain, from the field to the consumer, thanks to an innovative diagnostically system and quality control that allows to ensure products’ safety and high level standards.
Italian Farmers Market is also sales channel for SMEs, in Italy and abroad.
We select and enhance the best Italian food products (such as cheese, pasta, rice), we certify and guarantee their quality and we support their distribution with an innovative channel.

The Business Model

Italian Farmers Market supports local farmers to sell their high quality and typical food products.
Our sales channels are based on Small-scale Retail distribution and a Street Food Indoor network.

Thanks to this, we guarantee:
- Short supply chain
- Direct contact between producer and customer
- Rediscovery and enhancement of the territory and its identities
- E-commerce: quality just with a click
- Network and exchanges

The format of the stores encloses the Italian identity and brand, with Italian features recognizable in each detail, from the food products to the stores’ fitting.
Both for indoor and outdoor retail, the format of the stores provides a three-wheeled Ape Car, a typical and historic truck, set up as a Street Food kiosk. The kiosks may be located in several galleries of malls, during main events, or in city attraction points.
The Ape Car are organized to supply food and customized according to specific requests (for example pasta cooking or ice-cream equipments).

The Franchising

Italian Farmers Market is a franchising, a quality network in Italy and abroad.
What the fees include?
Italian Farmer Market’s brand use license
Business model and support
1 ApeCar / year (three-wheeled ApeCar by Italian company Piaggio; fully equipped for street food; ex works)
Techinical support for food shipping and certifications
Coordination with Italian suppliers
Become a partner of Italian Farmers Market, contact us at info@italianfarmersmarket.com

The Products

Certified, high quality, Italian food products, as cheese, pasta, rice, with the features and certifications required by foreign markets.
You can discover all our “boutique” selection in our Italian e-commerce store.


Italian Farmers Market
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